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The Aussie Grub I Miss!

It's amazing how everyday-not-very-significant items can remind you of a certain phase in your life. The two years that I spent living in Australia seems like a lifetime ago (well it has been over four years), but if I do come across the below grub, it would bring back a wave of memories from that time. Here I write about some of the best munchies I came across in Australia. If you ever visit the place, do try them. Here in India, I won't find most of these and what I would do to go back in time and savour them more!
This biscuit manufacturing giant is an Aussie favourite and a source of pride. Who would've thought it'd be possible to make huge turnovers from just a humble biscuit! This brand touches close to my heart because during our mid-lecture tea/coffee breaks, a huge box full of Arnott's biscuits was served to us and we'd all grab our favourites from the bunch and you could spot an Indian from a mile away dunking the biscuit into his hot cuppa…

10 Ways To Travel Smart

Early September, just a few days after I booked my round trip tickets to Manali, the news announced that there'd be airfare hikes. Yet again. Not cool. 

Travel is one thing the yuppies seem to be enamoured by and I'm no different. It's something I crave for and look forward to doing. In the larger picture, it features on the top three reasons why I work so very hard at my job. And it's great to see so many of my peers boarding flights and exploring destinations off the beaten track. It's inspiring. And it makes me want to book my next flight all the more. 
Exploring new places requires a lot of money (no shit!) which requires one to be smart in managing their savings. I wouldn't think twice to pay for a trip though. And the fact that shopping for shoes, clothes and bags doesn't qualify as 'therapy' for me, works in my favour.
The key however is to travel smart. And below are just some ways I do it and you can too...
1. You don't need to visit a plac…

Yet Another Blogger

So I finally created a blog. Everyone does it these days. But regardless, creating one was something I planned to do a couple of years back, but somehow I never got around to it. 

Blogging seemed like a task, in the sense, it was yet another digital medium to be on (what a pain, I know)...another thing that kept me away from it was, the thought of putting so much effort into writing a blog and then posting it without knowing who's reading it, if anyone was reading it. Moreover, if I started blogging, I'd be just another star in a constellation. 

The past few weeks though, it's been meandering on my head. Big time. Blogging would give me my own space to do, say, write whatever I feel like. To express. To voice. To document. Regardless if anyone reads it or not. So I took the opportunity of a 'mehh day' at work and just clicked 'Create a blog.' What the hell...we'll see where it goes. 

I'll write about what I feel like (duhh!), and when I feel like (but …