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World Refugee Day - 5 Things You Can Personally Do To Help

My grandmother was a refugee. A teenage girl all of 16 years of age, one night in mid 1947, she and her family faced a situation where they had to abandon their ancestral home in the Sindh province (now in Pakistan) and flee overnight to the Indian side a month before Partition of India was officially announced by the British. Layered with as many clothes she possibly could wear, with some jewelry in tow, she and her family members fled at night, avoiding the consequential brutality and rioting that ensued as a result of Partition in the months that followed. Property, wealth, friends and businesses, all had to be left behind. She recounted her time spent at a refugee camp where she learnt how to read and write in Hindi. Remember, this was a language foreign and unknown to Sindhis. Amidst everything else that they had to adapt to in their new environment, they also had to learn a new language where even the script was different and written from right to left. Sindhi families had to re…