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Le Sigh

Right this moment, I'm in a phase where I don't know what I'm doing nor do I know what I want to do. All I feel is overwhelmed with everything - from the lightest of issues to the heaviest. It's all bogging me down. There's just too much happening, too many things to do! I don't quite like the times we live in today. Never is there a day, when you get the opportunity to just sit back and relax. Instead, your note pad is just filled with things to do and more things to do. And each thing, is a mammoth task in itself. You struggle your way through the list and before you're done, pat comes another hundred tasks to be completed. There's work to do, formalities to complete, errands to run, it's a freaking rat race. And those darn phones! They just never let you simply be. There's too many things that need your attention but only one you. I get tired. It's draining. 
Which brings me to my next thought - what keeps people going? What keeps them so …

Required: One Hell of a Holiday

It's a Monday and no surprise, the 'blues' have struck. But it's not just that syndrome that's doing the talking (or more aptly, the writing), but I reeeeally need a break. It's been six months since my last vacation and boy do I need a reboot. I flew out from last year and landed into this year not knowing, not realizing, not understanding how time has gone by! I still feel like I'm in 2013 and it's proving to be one hell of a long year. I recall how before I took off to Manali last September I really needed that trip too, work was just taking over my life. This time around too, things have not changed and a breather is much required. 

I can't grasp quite how people only take one vacation a year. It's strange; use all your leaves at one go and plan, spend on and enjoy a long break? What happens then when you want a stress buster at any other point in the year? I'd rather split my holidays up, ideally have one per quarter in the year...but th…