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Indian-ified - The World is More Indian Than You Think

This post is written as an entry to the #MoreIndianThanYouThink contest by Lufthansa India. It was a contest I found out through Indiblogger: Good ads are rare to see these days. But this Lufthansa India TVC was really touching. Here we have an international airline that has tapped into the EQ of Indians so beautifully. We witness a conversation between a grandfather and his grandson where the former discusses his preconceptions about travelling to Germany by a German airline. But Lufthansa breaks these notions with the airlines being so clued in to India and its culture!

This topic 'How the world is more Indian than you think' is an interesting one. While our country with her burgeoning young population is aping the West, the rest of the world is watching India closer than we think. Decade after decade, NRIs have been leading the way in being India's culture ambassadors in foreign countries. Until five years ago, I was an NRI too. So having…

Burrp Review: Independence Brewery Company

This article was published on Burrp.

Call it a brewpub or a gastro-pub; they have got the recipe right – superbly brewed beer with some tasty grub.

Independence Brewery Company located in Mundhwa is spacious. If not the bar stools, then choose from bench-style seating to get comfortable. Having opened its doors to beer guzzlers in January, the pub finally acquired the required licenses to brew their own beer on site. It is interesting to note that they do not serve beer in pitchers or towers here. Shailendra Bisht, owner and Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) approved member, works out the science behind the perfect mug of ale. Here, beer is served in a tall glass so you savour it at just the right temperature (4-5 Degrees Celsius). They brew four kinds of beer of which the pale yellow, translucent Belgian Wit Beer (Rs 300 for 500ml) is our pick for its easy-on-the-palate fruity notes that make it difficult to stop drinking it. The American Pale Ale (Rs 300 for 500ml) is a deep gol…

The Punekar: 5 Underrated Eateries in Pune

This article was published on The Punekar.

When an outsider questions you about some of the most popular places to eat in Pune, what’s your response? I bet the regulars – High Spirits, Tertullia and Malaka Spice figure in your recommendations. But, let’s see and experience beyond the usual and open up a wider window of taste and flavours! We draw up a list of some eateries in town that serve great tasting fare with or without the ambiance.

Chai and Bun-Maska The city’s favourite tea snack is the Bun-Muska. Over time, we have been conditioned to associate Chai with Vohuman Café. Yes, it is a buzzing little place popular for its owner’s eccentricities and double omelet. But, have you visited Café Yezdan yet? Born in 1964, this Irani café is an important fragment of Pune’s food heritage. A tiny open kitchen doles out Omelet,Bhurji, Chai and a lot more. And yes, they slather as much fat on bread as their other counterparts in the city do. Café Yezdan: Sachapir Street, opposite Dorajbee Restau…

My Interview on Social Samosa

There's a first time for everything! Last month, I was interviewed by Social Samosa. I'm very excited to share this on my blog.

We interviewed, Hanisha Lalwani – Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications who handles the social media vertical internally at Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre. She highlights how Courtyard better understands its customers & fosters brand loyalty through fresh content. She also throws light upon how customer queries & grievances are effectively addressed at the earliest. What role does social media play in your marketing communications?  How important is it for a premier business brand like yours to be in the social space? The emphasis on social media and the role it plays in our integrated marketing communications plan has become more pronounced, especially over the last year. Having a digital presence for the hote…

Turkey - A Picture-esque Food Tour

Exotic, old-world charm and vibrant, Turkey is all of this and more. It sits on the world map with one foot in Asia and the other in Europe. But this Republic is not confused. With a rich heritage and great infrastructure, it is no surprise Turkey has found its rightful place on a traveler's bucket list. The conventional Indian travelers per se discovered Turkey in 2010. A lot of my friends and my Facebook pages had Turkey trip photo albums popping up. Very different and beautiful landscapes made Turkey a fascinating and alluring destination. 
In April 2012, it was finally my turn. I visited Turkey - Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukale and Antalya, to be precise. Back then, I had not begun maintaining a blog - which I regret - so I did not practice keeping notes documenting my travels. Now when I think of writing this blog, those lovely and interesting beads of trivia and experiences lie somewhere distant in my memory and I struggle to fish them out. Hence, I will carry out this blog …