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TROIS Kitchen & Wine Bar - A Review

It's a big deal when a new restaurant opens its shutters in Pune, it really is. So inadvertently, you are bound to hear reviews from some of the first visitors to the place. Launched last May, Trois Kitchen and Wine Bar has created quite a stir in the city and its owner-chef Mayur, has impressed most food lovers. Read the reviews, and you'll notice he's had a near 100% success rate so far. The venue is an enchanting white one storey-ed villa on a quiet tree-sheltered lane in Kalyani Nagar (that's right, not Koregaon Park!). Al fresco seating is a big plus when it comes to restaurants (something Mumbai restaurateurs envy), and Trois has enough of it. 

I chose to sit at the terrace area where I was in the company of many other diners (a lot of expatriates). With the tinkling of wine glasses and cutlery, happy conversations and Cafe del Mar-esque music as my audio make-up, I bury myself in the thankfully slim menu.

I order a White Wine Sangria which I sip on while I decide …

SpiceJet's Holi Campaign Gets Uncolorful

Over the past few years, in an effort to 'delight' flyers, flight operators have been trying really hard to do that little extra. When brands, college students and even jail inmates (see this) were participating in flash mobs on ground, we saw such impromptu flash performances 30,000ft above the ground as well; case in point the Finnair flight attendants who did a Bollywood dance number to commemorate India's Republic Day - and this exercise garnered a lot of exposure and reach on digital media. 

So this Holi, SpiceJet got inspired and decided to lead the pack domestically and be the first to have a dance by their crew. Unfortunately though, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation came down hard on them, issuing SpiceJet a show-cause notice. I, for one, agree with this move and below is why:

- The only moves the flight attendants should be making are the ones demonstrating safety instructions before take off. That's all. 

- Brands are constantly on the pursuit of that o…

Standing Apart - 3 Simple Ways

I have been itching to write this post. I have met a lot of people especially in my work life who have pretty much been the same, work style wise. Very few have stood out. To make a mark, for me personally or professionally, three things immediately crop into my head. These are my so call 'mantras', and they work. They will not only make your life easier, but will also create a strong impression of you with other people.

Don't procrastinate

Leaving things to do for later is a bad, bad idea. It takes time to get things off your check-list but it takes only few seconds for another ten or thirteen things to get added to that to do list. I always list my things to do in terms of priority. But what works for me is to get those things done which would hardly take any time. So that gives me the chance of scratching that item off my list. And it's sheer pleasure when I make pencil strokes across that completed item. 

Sometimes I too have to save myself from procrastination - this…

Movie Review: Watching 'Queen' - A Great Mistake

A simple, small town girl on her path to self discovery after her fiancĂ©e dumps her. We've heard that story before so what, you may wonder, is different about this movie? I find mistake!

One movie in recent weeks that really has got me excited is Gulab Gang. Not because it stars Madhuri Dixit, but because watching Juhi Chawla as a villain seemed promising from the trailers. I went to Victory Cinema (Pune) which by the way is a very charming heritage building (the balcony seat cost me Rs. 80...seriously)! The opening credits begin with a song showing Kangana Ranaut dancing...okay wow, I thought, Victory shows trailers! But then two minutes in and I realize wait a minute, they are playing Queen the movie! Darn, what a bummer. We put together the pieces of the puzzle and concluded that Gulab Gang was banned from playing and hence Victory decided to screen Queen. With no major star cast and having not read any prior reviews, I decided to give this movie a fair chance.

It did n…

The Simplicity of Tofu

If you've gone through my blog, it may bemuse you that this is my second post on tofu. How much do I love eating it? A lot. And why not? I find it tasty, love the texture, and enjoy the variety. You heard me...there's variety even with an ingredient like Tofu - silken, firm, extra firm, fermented, flavoured, etc. 

And this 'obedient ingredient' (as chef Roger Mooking would call it in his food show Everyday Exotic), is super versatile to cook with. Deep fry it and cook it with veggies in sweet and sour sauce, or make an evening snack out of it by toasting it on a pan with a little oil and drizzle with salt and cracked black pepper. Like me, if eggs don't suit, you then scramble up a tofu and add the other usual scrambled egg ingredients and you're set! 

One of my favourites tofu dishes is when it is baked with peanut sauce. Pure bliss. A picture below to treat your eyes. Now that's a happy meal for me. Just a quick tip, give your tofu a boil in water flavoured…