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In this age of social media, no matter what the industry, it is in the business’ interest to have digital presence. Just maintaining presence for the sake of it is one thing, but doing a great job of it is another.
Few other aviation brands are doing as good a job on social media as KLM is. Just browse through the airline’s global Facebook page. You don’t need to be a frequent flyer with the airline or a travel enthusiast or a plane spotter to enjoy their page. You simply and inevitably will enjoy it. And what is remarkable is that the brand’s social content has such a universal reach and appeal. Let us see what they are doing well and more importantly, differently.
1)Beautiful imagery You would think seeing images of the blue KLM plane daily on Facebook would be boring. After all, the aircrafts look alike and the colours are the same. So what’s new? Well, they share some really magnificent pictures of their fleet from really interesting angles – right from the nose to tail! The images a…

Restaurant Review: Minus 18 Degrees, Baner

There’s a new friendly neighborhood bistro whose food and desserts have got the town talking. I make the drive to Baner to find out what’s in store…

Desserterie. Patisserie. Bistro. Minus 18 Degrees in Baner is all this and more. What catches curious eyes is the view of the top storey of Minus 18 Degrees of busy chefs with their gloved hands working on dish after dish.
This 45-seater bistro is the vibrant new kid on the block. Stark navy blue and white walls could have made the place look clinical, but the smart interior designer has blended it together with subtle touches of teal - on the upholstery, the menu and the picture frames on the wall. With the chosen color palette, Minus 18 Degrees could have been the perfect naval office canteen.
There is alfresco seating but you really want to sit where all the action is happening – indoors. Push open the door and you are greeted with a sweet aroma. It’s a bustling scene inside - young waiters energetically attending tables, people waiting…

YANNI...Live in Concert: A Soulful Experience

Today I'm feeling very positive and inspired. So, I thought it's the right time (and about time) that I blog about my experience being at the Yanni Live in Concert at the VadFest in Vadodara. It was a surreal feeling walking into the concert grounds on 23rd January. This was really a dream come true for me. Watching the maestro perform in person, his skillful fingers gliding past the keys of his shiny black Yamaha piano, was for most part a distant dream for me.

It was at boarding school in 1997 when I first discovered the musical legend. His tracks were fittingly used for most of our school events. As the curtains of our auditorium drew open every Friday, 'Santorini' played as the opening track to the news reading event during the morning assembly. 'Swept Away' was a befitting track to the most anticipated annual fashion show where girls draped in lovely saris walked across the stage with their beautiful flowing pallus. I was hooked onto the instrumental playli…