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5 Podcasts You Must Listen To

I first began listening to podcasts in late 2015 and I must say I was rather late to join the club. There's a whole world of unique and interesting content there that is available to consume. From a marketing perspective, podcasts are becoming attractive platforms - brands are either choosing to sponsor podcasts and advertise on them, or then are launching podcasts as a natural extension of their value proposition. 
Have you jumped in on the podcast wagon yet? Or would you rather Netflix and chill? Then let me try changing your mind. Podcasts are a great way to expand your mind, broaden your knowledge or seek inspiration. Podcasts have rekindled an age-old love for listening to stories in a medium relevant to today's generation. You can listen on the go, while exercising, commuting, working and before bedtime. Here are my recommendations just perfect to set you off on your podcast journey. 
1. SERIAL This was the show that began my addiction to podcasts. I never expected to be so…

Essential Reading If You're Moving to Dubai

At the time of writing this post, I have completed seven months living in Dubai. In this time, I have explored so much of the city (as much as I possibly could) but there is still a whole lot waiting to be discovered. I feel like I have been here for a really long time but that speaks volumes about how easily I settled in to my new life here. If you're planning to move to Dubai, here's some essential reading just to get an initial sense of the vibe here.  
1. You'll need to watch your money. Dubai has everything aspirational from the finest restaurants to the most desirable retail brands to global events. But we know experiences cost money, and can be on the slightly expensive side. Can you do without that brunch? Certainly your stomach can. Do you need that jacket? Winter isn't for another 6 months. Introspective conversations like these are good practice to avoid overspending. 
2. Before I came to Dubai, brunch was just that - a brunch. Just another word, another me…