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An Epicurean Sojourn in Spain

Eating a meal when you're traveling around a new city is an experience in itself. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and tea/coffee breaks become integral in your itinerary and carry the spirit of exploration and discovery of the local culture. Last year I went to Spain with friends and zipping across Madrid, Valencia, Toledo and Barcelona, we got to taste so many flavours new to our palate. It was fun recapturing those tasty memories as I sat down to share with you our epicurean adventures...
Museo Del Jamon, Madrid This is a unique restaurant frequented by locals and tourists since 1978 for particularly two things: beer and ham. Plain and simple. The space almost has a 'retail' and 'deli' feel to it with fresh cheeses and charcuterie with lovely shades of orange, red and brown on display as well as a wide variety of smoked hams suspended from the ceiling. Expect the finest quality of cured meat here. Its popularity has rendered it a spot on a must-visit attraction in