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Restaurant Review | Where Else Cafe & Bar

Where Else promises to be unique in Viman Nagar, a neighbourhood already brimming with so many eateries. Four young friends came together to put their love for food and travel experiences in a melting pot called ‘Where Else’. This new café and bar is the brainchild of sibling duo Ardesh and Daisy Rustomjee and best friend duo Amritha Shrikumar and Sweta Jobanputra. These Viman Nagar residents have been firsthand witnesses to the rise of new eateries in their locality. With ‘Where Else’ they aim to fill in the void of a place that offers all-day breakfast and good quality indulgent food. We drove to the outlet in its first week of opening to find out if ‘Where Else’ is the place to be.

Restaurant Review | FOOD STORY

Food Story’s authentic Hyderabadi cuisine is delicious enough to move you…
Subhash S. is a restaurateur par excellence. His resume boasts of his still-popular 20-year old restaurant ‘Eden Park’ in Bengaluru and 15-year old recently closed iconic 800 cover restaurant ‘Our Place’ in Hyderabad. He set his eyes on Pune for his next culinary venture. Enter ‘Food Story’. June has brought with it not only the monsoons but this old-world Hyderabadi restaurant for the city’s gourmands. The restaurant name and décor does not trigger preconceived notions of the cuisine it serves or the kind of experience it will offer. This is deliberate. Subhash wants you to walk in hungry and with a clean slate. We concluded the interiors to be simple, toned-down and unassuming; the only striking elements being two 19th century-esque chandeliers. The variety of dishes for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians is inviting and enticing. Subhash is hands-on and was rearing to serve us. We happily rested our trust i…


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BROOKLYN SHUFFLE: Tracing A Diner's Transition Into A Bar

Everyone’s favorite hangout Brooklyn Shuffle has gone a notch up turning from ‘Diner’ to ‘Bar’. The lighting is dimmer, the up-tempo music played louder and kids don’t fit their target audience especially after 5pm. They have what are probably the city’s longest Happy Hours from 11AM to 8PM to cajole the tipple-lovers into busying their bar. On offer are beer, vodka and whiskey for a stunning Rs 99, unlimited draught mug for Rs 500 and cocktail pitchers for Rs 700. Now that’s what we call a sweet deal.