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This is a picture of the Bhaktapur Darbar Square from my trip to Nepal in April 2012. Exactly three years ago. I was lucky to have visited this beautiful country and to have been witness to Kathmandu's wealth in terms of culture and heritage. As we speak, these centuries-old structures have been wiped out. The earthquake that so many feared for so many years hit Kathmandu on 25th April 2015. The death toll has been steadily on the rise and stands at 4,400 (according to CNN) and has left 8 million affected. As an economy which heavily depends on tourism, I want to encourage you to continue to maintain Nepal on your travel bucket list. Below, I recount some faded memories from my 2012 trip where I spent an overwhelmingly amazing trip touring Kathmandu and Pokhara. 
I never anticipated Kathmandu to be the tourist-haven it is. We went shopping in Thamel, a thriving tourist hotspot, sipping on hot coffee along the way. April is peak season, so we found Kathmandu to be flocked with tou…


For the uninitiated, the thali is the quintessential complete Indian meal. A traditional thali includes protein –dal, meat, fish, vegetables and salad; dairy – kadhiraitadahi, carbs – roti, rice; fat – ghee; dessert and a digestive drink – buttermilk, sol kadi or kahwa. An Indian thali is a nourishing meal with the right balance of proteins, vitamins and carbs.
Chicken Thali Maratha SamratKothrudMaratha Samrat is the place if you want to expereince regional Maharashtrian flavours. Regulars swear by their Mutton Chops Thali where the chops are served with rich and spicy brown gravy and the Kalla Chicken Thali with chicken cooked in traditional kala masala which gives the gravy mild coconut flavor and a unique aroma. Served in moderate portions, the thalicomes with chapatiKolhapuri-style red hot tambda rassa andcreamy white pandhra rassa, biryani and egg curry cooked in a distinctive Varadi cuisine-style.
Price: Rs 380 for Kalla Chicken Thali, Rs 420 for Mutton Chops Thali



These book cafes make sure that Pune’s reading culture doesn’t die out.

The rise in cafes dedicated to their love for books as much as food is a reassurance that reading as a passion is still alive. Pune’s bookworms have quite a few options where they can sit in a cosy corner and enjoy flipping pages of their favourite books while snuggling up to a hot cuppa.
Pagdandi Book Cafe, Baner, Pune Pagdandi – Books/Chai/Café, Baner
When you have a backpacker and a yoga teacher bringing together their entrepreneurial minds, what you get is Pagdandi. The cafe has a library, comfortable mattresses to sit on, a small cafe space and board games if you want a break from reading. Live acoustic jams, storytelling circles and open mic are hosted regularly to bring together a group of aspiring writers. Their kahwa and hot chocolate with marshmallows are highly recommended. You can also tuck in a bowl of hot Wai Wai while reading your favourite book.
Cafe Nook Café Nook, Balewadi
What started off as a bookstor…