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Cocoa Cravings & Complications

It's not everyday you get to bake and indulge in decadent chocolate cake. I had been craving to make some cake but the lack of time or the temptation of just lying in bed when I did have idle time, prevented me from taking to the whisk. Day before yesterday, however, the cake craving hit me hard. All that headache from the glaring day's sun exposure left me exhausted but I finally took out the ingredients and got out the cocoa at 9PM post dinner. The usual source to any and all recipes was mum or Google. But this time I thought why not try out what might be the most full-proof recipe; the one plastered on the label of Cadbury Cocoa box! Not ingenious, I know, I know...

So for the benefit of my readers, let me list out the recipe below:
5 tablespoons of Cadbury Cocoa
100 gms of butter
1 cup sugar
2 cups of white flour
3 eggs or 1 can of condensed milk
1 teaspoon of baking powder
2 drops of vanilla essence/extract

Whisk the butter and sugar till it becomes creamy. Then crack in th…

Two Palaces, A Garden & An Art Gallery

So I was in Bangalore and no prizes for guessing why! I was attending (yet another) wedding of course. But it is not everyday that you get to witness your Nepalese friend a.k.a Groom in a South Indian style dhoti, worn with what seemed like yards of pristine white cloth. With the '2 States' style wedding over in a day, I still had a free day to spend in Bangalore. It's a city I have been to around four to five times now, so I was keen on exploring a new facet of it.

This 'Garden City' was facing its worst summer yet and boy was the mercury soaring. Glaring sun mixed with dust from construction sites mixed with pollution from the never-moving traffic made the most headache-inducing pot pourri. I still decided to brave the heat and venture out to make the most of my time. After a quick check on what Lonely Planet recommends to see, I grabbed a friend and headed out with a list of 4-5 places chalked out to visit.

We began with brunch at India Coffee House. Two greasy…

Discover The Pune You Thought You Knew

Where in Pune can you rent out a petromax lamp? Discover relics like this and let the city you thought you knew take you back in time...

Sometimes it is interesting how well you think you know your city and then you take a second and closer look at the same roads and streets you pass by everyday, only for it to reveal something new to you. It has been years since my family goes grocery shopping to the historic Shivaji Market. Noisy fruit, vegetable and meat vendors sell their produce from under a crippling 150-year old grey structure. But seldom have I raised my head up to notice the building and spare a moment to wonder how majestic it would have looked when it was first built. 

We are so consumed in our day to day routines, we forget to take the time out to observe what's around us. I pass by the Council Hall every day to and fro my office but have never tilted my head in its direction. I take the left turn from the towering Lal Deval daily to get home but I shy in admitting that …