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First Look Inside Legoland Dubai

Yesterday, I went for the soft opening of Legoland Dubai. It's a much anticipated attraction at the Dubai Parks & Resorts - home also to the Bollywood Parks (I hear you can film your own movie here), MotionGate (a Hollywood inspired theme park), Lapita (a Polynesian, tribal themed Marriott hotel) and Riverland (retail and dining zone). Now who doesn't love Lego right? I remember spending as many hours building Lego house models as I did playing with Barbie! So when you get a free ticket for a trial run of the park, you go!  This wasn't the first Legoland I have visited. On a trip to the U.K., we spent such a fantastic day at the Legoland. Imagine what a fascinating sight it was to my ten year old eyes! I vividly remember seeing a Lego version of a giant Cadbury chocolate bar. The miniature recreation of London in Lego has stayed in my mind. With no photos from that visit, it's only fading memories that I hang on to, and it all came flooding back when I walked in t…

Living in Dubai - Two Months In

So I have crossed the two month milestone of living in Dubai. While time seems to have passed by rather quickly, I also feel like I have been in Dubai for a long time. I settled into living by myself much easily than I thought and my studio apartment has now taken shape of home; it's clean, spic and span actually, and looks 'lived in'. I have created a comfortable routine for myself and have been able to navigate my way through initial hiccups of settling in a new city. The cockroaches are gone,

Work has turned out to be great. Thank God. After all, that was the reason for stepping out of my familiar. Less than two weeks back, Marriott International announced the successful merger with Starwood. This integration was a long 11 month process that finally came to a close - and courtesy being part of the Marriott Middle East and Africa team, I was lucky to be part of the gathering addressed by Arne Sorenson, CEO Marriott International. I could never have imagined seven months…