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Hostel Diaries

“Hanisha, you’re going to boarding school! Are you excited?” To my eleven year old mind, this one sentence coming to me from my mum was just too much to process; I probably did not completely comprehend the entirety of the situation and the journey I was going to embark on. One minute, it is life as usual with my sisters and I returning from day school in Nigeria lugging a 3kg bag with books – and the next minute, there was going to be a disruption in this cyclical routine of eight years in the form of being sent to a boarding school in Mussoorie. I did not even know where Mussoorie was! Was I prepared to leave behind my oyster and be swung atop mountains unknown?
I was fresh out of fifth standard and watched as my mum and dad gathered the contents of my cupboard and neatly placed them into a suitcase. We were departing for Delhi the next day from where we would hail a cab and head towards my mum’s maternal home in Jaipur. I remember it all so well – it was a blistering cold February d…

10 Things You’ll Identify With If You Work In PR

I loved studying Public Relations as a subject back in university. It all sounded like quite a fun profession, at least within the four walls of the Lecture Room it did…until my first job was as a PR Executive and I realized it was a tough job. Here's a funny meme I came across...

Jokes apart, here's reality:
1.You slog hard to make someone else or something famous 8 hours of your every working day, you work to shed limelight to your client or client’s product. It is a result of your own effort of pitching your story to the journalist and coaxing them that your client gets featured on the cover page or even gets a quarter page clipping in a magazine. Think how selfless you have to be when you sport a genuine smile while you see your excited client reading about himself in that magazine.
2.You blame Sex and the City where Samantha make her PR job seem glamorous Always on the phone, in demand, dressed immaculately and propped in pencil heels, Sex and the City’s Samantha seemed to ha…