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15 Reasons to Help you Help Someone

It's been a while since I blogged; I've been busy inside and outside the office. But when a subject pops up in my head that I really feel for, it's time to hit the blog. I have time and again come across people who - for the lack of a better way to say it - just don't help. These may be people who genuinely don't want to help or people who mean well but then don't get around to doing the 'actual helping' (read lazy or nonchalant). I think I have a distaste for the latter more than the former. So I've put together a list of reasons to help you help people.
Help because you canHelp because it doesn't cost you anythingHelp because it makes you feel good (now this kind of selfishness I'm a full supporter of)Help when you know you might need a favor from the personHelp even if you won't get anything in returnHelp with the little things or the big thingsHelp when you know you're really going to make a difference to someoneHelp because the …