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TROIS Kitchen & Wine Bar - A Review

A view of Trois from the terrace
It's a big deal when a new restaurant opens its shutters in Pune, it really is. So inadvertently, you are bound to hear reviews from some of the first visitors to the place. Launched last May, Trois Kitchen and Wine Bar has created quite a stir in the city and its owner-chef Mayur, has impressed most food lovers. Read the reviews, and you'll notice he's had a near 100% success rate so far. The venue is an enchanting white one storey-ed villa on a quiet tree-sheltered lane in Kalyani Nagar (that's right, not Koregaon Park!). Al fresco seating is a big plus when it comes to restaurants (something Mumbai restaurateurs envy), and Trois has enough of it. 

White wine sangria - a top shot
I chose to sit at the terrace area where I was in the company of many other diners (a lot of expatriates). With the tinkling of wine glasses and cutlery, happy conversations and Cafe del Mar-esque music as my audio make-up, I bury myself in the thankfully slim menu.

The must finish bread basket
I order a White Wine Sangria which I sip on while I decide what to order - the menu has a healthy balance to please the meat and non-meat eaters. For starters, I go for the Chili Chorizo - I must add here, Trois gives you a lot of flexibility to play around with their menu - if you want the chorizo sautéed for instance, they'd be happy to make it for you that way, but they will also give you the choice of turning that into a pizza. Pretty neat! While you wait for your dishes to arrive, their assorted bread basket will keep you very busy. Each bread type is so fresh and tasty, you risk filling up your stomach too soon. But I will still recommend you empty the basket! 

The greasy but divine chili chorizo
The Chili Chorizo was a big hit with my taste buds. Greasy as ever, but hot and spicy, the chorizo was cooked to perfection and had a great bite to it! I normally dislike bell peppers, but they blended in comfortably, tossed with the chorizo, chili, garlic and spice mix. For the main course, I ordered the Asparagus and Pumpkin Stuffed Ravioli in Feta Cheese. Another winner! Two huge pieces of ravioli sat on my plate dunked in a delicately flavoured pesto sauce. The feta in the stuffing did really well in lending that characteristic sour taste to the dish. We also ordered the Shoulder of Lamb which was slow cooked and served with veggies in a red wine jus. The meat was succulent and the portion size was mighty impressive. 

The ravioli with a side of garlic bread
A delightful end to the meal was marked by their famous 8 textured chocolate cake. When we placed our dessert order, our waiter gave us a smile which said it all...this dessert is ordered by most tables. And for VERY good reason. When the cake is served, the waiter generously drizzles some melted chocolate over it. As you use your spoon to cut through the cake, you discover tempered chocolate as a casing on the top and chocolate mousse and cake below. A spoonful is enough to get you to sell your soul. I will go back and order the same dessert at Trois again shunning the other impressive sounding options on the dessert menu (think White Chocolate and Lime Creme Brulee). I believe they have even started making their own ice-cream!

8 textured chocolate cake
While we were at Trois, we witnessed the chef sauntering with a glass of wine, personally interacting with guests at a few other tables. Lots of people may not get how to correctly pronounce 'Trois' (French for three) but his diners are a pleased lot, many of whom promise to return soon. 

Nestled at: D-10, Central Avenue, Kalyani Nagar, Pune 
Wallet setback: Rs. 2,000 for two people
Popular nights: Sunday Sangrias and Steak Wednesdays


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