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Burrp Review: Independence Brewery Company

This article was published on Burrp.

Call it a brewpub or a gastro-pub; they have got the recipe right – superbly brewed beer with some tasty grub.

Independence Brewery Company located in Mundhwa is spacious. If not the bar stools, then choose from bench-style seating to get comfortable. Having opened its doors to beer guzzlers in January, the pub finally acquired the required licenses to brew their own beer on site. It is interesting to note that they do not serve beer in pitchers or towers here. Shailendra Bisht, owner and Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) approved member, works out the science behind the perfect mug of ale. Here, beer is served in a tall glass so you savour it at just the right temperature (4-5 Degrees Celsius).
Beer tasters (1)They brew four kinds of beer of which the pale yellow, translucent Belgian Wit Beer (Rs 300 for 500ml) is our pick for its easy-on-the-palate fruity notes that make it difficult to stop drinking it. The American Pale Ale (Rs 300 for 500ml) is a deep golden coloured bitter, malt-intense beer. Chocolate enthusiasts will enjoy the Brown Porter (Rs 300 for 500ml) with its prominent aroma and notes of bitter chocolate and malt. Their most popular beer though is the India Pale Ale (Rs 340 for 500ml). Don’t get fooled by its citrusy smell, this is a challenging beer to drink if only because of it extreme bitterness. Ask the manager for a tour of the brewery and they’ll be happy to give you a show-round.
Unlike a number of similar establishments, Independence Brewery 
Ethiopian SambussaCompany takes its food very seriously as well. Their menu has a mix of Indian and world cuisine. Take the Ethiopian Sambussa (Rs 180) for instance – we doubt there is anywhere else in Pune you can sample a great version of this lentil stuffed pastry dough or samosa.The lentils cooked al dente were mildly flavoured but to take the heat up a notch it was a bright red chilli dip – the highlight of this appetizer! The heat from the dip lingers long after you’ve finished eating a few bites. The Independence Paprika Wings (Rs 300) make for another great bar snack. Crispy fried wings are tossed in homemade hot chilli sauce and the tanginess from the vinegar is very prominent. The perfect foil to this – dunk the wings into the blue cheese dip before every bite. For those of you who love a bit of smoky tandoori fare on the sidetry the Lasooni Murgh Tikka (Rs 380). The meat is tender and flavoured with garlic and onion. Finely chopped fresh coriander and little chunks of dry roasted garlic add texture to the dish.
The Crepes Arrosto (Rs 300) is a more substantial eat that most of the other dishes. The crepes were filled with melted cheese that covered a mix of yellow bell peppers, carrots and spinach dotted with slivers of dried red chilli and a dash of mustard sauce. Its inherent bold flavour means that the mustard easily overpowers all the other flavours of this dish. If you’re not a big fan of mustard try the Cumin Mustard and Chilli Roast Chicken (Rs 400) instead. This generous portion has a chunky leg of chicken slathered with brown gravy flecked with capers, juicy rings of onion, parsley and whole peppercorns ensuring a burst of strong distinct flavours with every bite. Adding to the dish is a side of vegetables tossed in oil and rosemary, and Hasselback potatoes, which are particularly delightful.
Lemon Orange Tart
For dessert, look no further than the Orange Lemon Tart (Rs 240). Infused with lemon zest, the baked tart is creamy and sweet with an edge of acidity, and lies on a bed of finely crumbed biscuits. Though, the kiwi glaze on the plate is quite unnecessary. With great beers and plans to tweak the menu every six months, there definitely is a lot to keep heading back to Independence Brewery Company!

Must Try: Belgian Wit Beer, Independence Paprika Wings
Meal For Two: Rs 1,200+taxes (without alcohol)

This review was sponsored by the restaurant.


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