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Le Sigh

I liked the typography, nothing else!

Right this moment, I'm in a phase where I don't know what I'm doing nor do I know what I want to do. All I feel is overwhelmed with everything - from the lightest of issues to the heaviest. It's all bogging me down. There's just too much happening, too many things to do! I don't quite like the times we live in today. Never is there a day, when you get the opportunity to just sit back and relax. Instead, your note pad is just filled with things to do and more things to do. And each thing, is a mammoth task in itself. You struggle your way through the list and before you're done, pat comes another hundred tasks to be completed. There's work to do, formalities to complete, errands to run, it's a freaking rat race. And those darn phones! They just never let you simply be. There's too many things that need your attention but only one you. I get tired. It's draining. 

Which brings me to my next thought - what keeps people going? What keeps them so ambitious? How do they do it? What are they made of? Everyday just us has running after some thing or the other however insignificant or inconsequential it may be, we have to get them done. 

I really wonder, where is my inspiration? You know what, I spent an hour in a book store last night after work drooling over books by my favourite author that I really wanted to read. The sad part is I bought three books but I don't know when I will find time to read them. Such are the times we live in. Le sigh!

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Last weekend, I got a unique opportunity to visit Gowardhan Cheese Factory in Manchar district, a good two hour drive from Pune city. The owning home-grown company Parag Milk Foods brand portfolio includes Gowardhan and GO boasting of a range of dairy products that have been retailed across Mumbai and Pune over the last decade. I first started using their yoghurt when the local kirana store ran out of my usual preference of Amul, Danone and Britannia. One spoon of it and I instantly found it so fresh, light and 'unprocessed'.
I have always loved cheese but now I even prefer it over chocolate. So when I was scheduled to visit the GO factory, it bore semblance to winning the golden ticket and entering glistening gates to its factory much like the popular Roald Dahl's Charlie. Except that it was not all that dramatic! 

Shashi Tharoor's 'An Era of Darkness' Illustrates the Rapacity of the British Raj in India

It was August 15, 2016, I was having lunch with someone. Gazing at the news on the television screen behind me, she asked, "It's India's Independence Day today! Independence from whom?" Independence from the British, I answered, shocked. Shocked, because this someone in question was British and she had not a clue about the crimes of her country's colonial past.  Like millions of Indians and non-Indians, I was left aghast and despondent when I heard the viral Shashi Tharoor Oxford Union debate (if you haven't seen it yet, you've been living under a HUGE rock, and I suggest you watch it before you proceed to read the remainder of this blog). Tharoor in all his articulate and intellectual glory spoke in motion for Britain owing reparations to her former colonies. Tharoor's well-researched facts on the brutality of British rule in India for over two centuries left me astounded, and a sense of shame dawned on me - I knew so little about my country's p…

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Did you know...
...Plastic waste takes anywhere between 500-1000 years to degrade.
...50% of the plastic we consume is single-use plastic.
...Only a very small percentage of the tons of plastic that is produced ever gets recycled; most of it ends up in our oceans.

That plastic is detrimental to our planet and is already encroaching into our food chain is common knowledge. But have we done much to reduce our contribution to the trash? Despite more and more people becoming aware about the adversities of plastic pollution, so few actually do anything to reduce their plastic consumption. I think thewar we are waging is against habit. That old darn habit. Walk into the supermarket, walk out with a can of a plastic bag... habit. That old darn habit.

The other hurdle that companies like Avani (founded by an entrepreneur from Bali) are trying to cross is the cost factor. "The cost of biodegradable cutlery is about 30% higher and that is the single biggest challenge for operator…