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These book cafes make sure that Pune’s reading culture doesn’t die out.

The rise in cafes dedicated to their love for books as much as food is a reassurance that reading as a passion is still alive. Pune’s bookworms have quite a few options where they can sit in a cosy corner and enjoy flipping pages of their favourite books while snuggling up to a hot cuppa.
Pangdadi Book Cafe, Baner, Pune
Pagdandi Book Cafe, Baner, Pune
Pagdandi – Books/Chai/CaféBaner
When you have a backpacker and a yoga teacher bringing together their entrepreneurial minds, what you get is Pagdandi. The cafe has a library, comfortable mattresses to sit on, a small cafe space and board games if you want a break from reading. Live acoustic jams, storytelling circles and open mic are hosted regularly to bring together a group of aspiring writers. Their kahwa and hot chocolate with marshmallows are highly recommended. You can also tuck in a bowl of hot Wai Wai while reading your favourite book.
Cafe Nook
Café NookBalewadi
What started off as a bookstore doubled up soon as a bistro. With a dedicated library space, Café Nook offers you good food with the company of good books. Dig into their Chicken Satay Sandwich made using their home-made bread as you read a novel or dine over a game of cards with your friends. They also offer books on rent. Going beyond the scope of a traditional café, Nook’s owners also organize cycling, trekking and weekend camping trips.
Perks N Brews Cafe, Pune
Perks N Brews Cafe, Viman Nagar, Pune

Perks n BrewsViman Nagar
While this interesting student-friendly café has free Wi-Fi, their bookshelf hoarding a collection of books and magazines also encourages a lot of readers. The good folks of Perks n Brews also allow you to take a book if you replace it with another one. The café is a great pit-stop for ones with an appetite – you can feast on soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and lots more. What’s endearing about this place is a glass wall dedicated to colourful post-it notes where you can show your love for the cafe.
 Fat Cat Cafe
Fat Cat's Cafe, Wanowrie

Fat Cat’s CaféWanowrie
This little café offers the neighbourhood in Wanowrie a quiet slice of Europe with its distinct cool mint wooden seating. When you see the spectacled owner behind the counter reading intently, you’ll understand why there’s a fully stocked book shelf in the café. Feel free to browse and pick up a book from their collection. Their moist Red Velvet Cake and Dense Chocolate Cake has earned them much adulation. Their menu has constant additions – watch out for the summer specials like the Mango and Custard Tart.

Coffee and cookies at Ssong Cafe, Pune
Coffee and cookies at Book Cafe Ssong, Aundh, Pune
Books Café SsongAundh
The pretty little cafe has just opened its door but has already on our list of favourite cafes. Run by a Korean owner, you can’t miss their cute curios making up the interiors – wooden seating, green potted plants, adorable cushion covers, dainty teapots, clipped Polaroid pictures and of course, colourful paperback books. Scan the limited menu written on slate and choose between the Ham and Cheese Sandwich and the Cinnamon French Toast and drown it with Cold Coffee.

With such pretty cafes on the list, we just can't wait for the rains when the city will look prettier and greener. You know where to find us with a cup of coffee/chai and a book.

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