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In Nature’s Lap – An Escape to Malhar Machi

nature, resort, holiday, pune

(This was post written in March 2012)

Not too far away from the bustling, crowd-ridden and pollution-heavy city of Pune, lies a hidden gem – ‘Malhar Machi’ - a tranquil resort tucked away amidst the mountains overlooking Lake Mulshi with stunning, picturesque views. Malhar stands for rain and Machi for mountain, making it a befitting name as this region basks in heavy rainfall during the monsoons.
nature, resort, holiday, pune

nature, resort, holiday, pune
On the far left is one of their best cottages you should stay at
Malhar Machi spans over 110 acres and boasts of 19 luxurious cottages. This mountain resort was envisaged, conceptualized and materialized by two Puneites who clearly take their love for nature very seriously. The resort has a very pleasing-to-the-eye earthy, green, refreshing and minimal look and feel to it. In using bamboo, stones, wood, cane and other green materials for the cottages, pathways, furniture, etc., the architect's design pays an admirable homage to nature. The cottages are intelligently positioned to maximize the stunning landscape views; the rooms are rustic, cozy and spacious; and the staff is warm, gracious and magnanimous in their service, all too ready to tend to your needs.
nature, resort, holiday, pune
The property is dotted with beautiful colourful flowers
nature, resort, holiday, pune
At first when you walk into the resort, it feels like all noise is sucked away to give way to silence – it is deafening initially, but eventually it becomes very easy and pleasing to get accustomed to. Sever all ties with technology and you will realize there is so much precious else that you can do during your stay at Malhar Machi.

nature, resort, holiday, pune
Cane swings to sit on and gaze into nature

nature, resort, holiday, pune

Dive into the inviting crystal clear, blue, part stone-edged pool or stare away endlessly at the folds in the mountains. Read a book while sitting on the rocking chair over the wooden-floored balcony or run your hands on the dewy carpets of fresh scented grass. Relive childhood memories by depositing yourself on the cane swings, polish your indoor game skills in their well-equipped recreational room and do not forget to take pictures, lots of them (yes, even if your camera sucks). Sip on hot tea in the crisp evenings. Savor your meals, eat slowly and forget your diet. Most of the vegetables on your plate are organic, locally grown and sourced from the nearby resort-owned farms. Sleep soundly in the comfort of the four-poster bed enveloped by calming white curtains. Go for a walk and observe and appreciate the diverse flora and fauna that wonderfully adorn the premises. At night, strain your neck a little - gaze at the sky magically dotted with a million stars and a solitary moon. Awaken early to watch the sunrise and leave everything else to catch the sunset. Breathe in the fresh air...let your worries fizzle away.

nature, resort, holiday, pune

There's no better way to spend your hard-earned savings than on a soul-pleasing furlough to Malhar waits quietly to be discovered by you. Here, I recall HTC’s ‘Quietly Brilliant’ tagline.

P.S: Hang on! Wait for the monsoons to head there....just because!

(For details, visit their website:


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